SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – ebook now available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Hard copies available December 2019.

Hilarious, heartbreaking and hopeful, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED takes romantic comedies to new heights. It’s romantic realism at its laugh-out-loud best.

When new divorcee Ro Andrews moves her pack of semi-feral children to a run-down farmhouse, helping her brother restore the moldering homestead and living an authentic life—per the dictates of Instagram and lifestyle blogs everywhere—tops her to-do list. But romance? Hell, no. Between hiding from her children in baskets of dirty laundry, mentally eviscerating her cheating ex, and finding a job, Ro has a full plate.

Until she meets Sam Whittaker, a hunky Texas transplant with abs of steel and a nameplate that reads Boss. Clad in cowboy boots and surfer curls, this child-free stud has Ro on edge – and rethinking her defective Y chromosome ban. Somehow, this overworked, undersexed, exasperated single mom needs to find time to fall in love with a man allergic to chaos and crumbs and make it stick, not sticky.

Hard copies available December 2019. My undying gratitude available now.

Order Links: https://www.amazon.com/Some-Assembly-Required-Robin-Winzenread-ebook/dp/B07ZNLRH5D/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=robin+winzenread&qid=1573226277&sr=8-1



What People Are Saying

About Some Assembly Required:

“Robin’s book is laugh-out-loud funny, yet also tells a fantastic story with surprise twists there’s no way the reader could anticipate. I believe humor and story can be incredibly hard to marry together successfully, yet Robin certainly achieves!”

Leonie Kelsall, 2017 and 2018 Mentor in the nationally acclaimed Pitchwars new author mentorship program.

“From the moment I picked up Some Assembly Required, I was in love with Ro. A little klutzy, a lot ditzy, and totally relatable. Add a hero of the strong, silent variety, and here’s a romcom filled with tender moments and giggle-inducing humor. Best read with a glass of wine and ample chocolate.”

Laney Kaye, author of HAWAIIAN HURRICANE, THE LURE OF THE MER, and an Amazon Number One Best Seller, MALICIOUS DESIRE

Call me. I’ll tell ya.

Nicki Minaj
Okay, this WASN’T about my novel, but it’s too good not to share. In 2015, I was a contestant on the game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and used a lifeline because I’m a moron and didn’t know the name of Nicki Minaj’s album is Pink Print. She went on to Instagram my ignorance and rightly so. My apologies to the amazing Ms. M. Regardless, the audience bailed me out and the hilarity of my comedic life continues….

…I look like I’m cupping myself…

About Me

Everyone has a purpose in life and I discovered years ago that my unintended role in the world is that of comic relief.

From being stalked on a port-a-potty by a possum to getting a tiny crab stuck in my ear while scuba diving in the Florida Keys to actually losing my shoe on the road while driving to a job interview, I decided the best way to make sense of these crazy mishaps is to write about them.

Fortunately, the absurdity of my daily life continues so more stories will follow soon along with, possibly, therapy. And maybe even a good, stiff drink.

And, yes, before you write to ask, I sure as heck Photoshop’ed that picture….comic relief is always welcomed…wrinkles, not so much.


Get in Touch

Robin Winzenread Champagne Book Group 2373 NE Evergreen Ave. Albany, OR 97321 USA 503-961-4918

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