Gumbo By Moonlight

Reprinted from and shared with permission from the glorious foodie blog, Eat, Darling, Eat Eat, Darling, Eat – Mothers and Daughters: A Collection of Stories and Recipes. September 30, 2019 by Robin Winzenread Fritz Only a handful of memories survive my earliest childhood days in 1960s Indiana: a pink farmhouse hidden among fields ofContinue reading “Gumbo By Moonlight”

Held Hostage by Binding Circumstance

There are dust bunnies collecting in the corners of my kitchen, my laundry room smells funky, not fresh, and it’s a problem. Frankly, I blame Kelley Griffin. Why, you ask? Because I made the mistake of diving into her novel, BINDING CIRCUMSTANCE, on Friday and, being unable to put it down, my weekend cleaning routineContinue reading “Held Hostage by Binding Circumstance”

Galloping Gophers, It’s Gyno-Day

After procrastinating myself into a corner, I’m locked in the downstairs bathroom psyching myself into combat mode. It’s Gyno-Day, my 11:20 appointment with my OBGYN beckons, and I’ve waited until the last minute to do my pre-appointment prep. And I’m panicking. Frankly, detailing my SUV would be easier, even if there’s a summer’s worth ofContinue reading “Galloping Gophers, It’s Gyno-Day”