It’s Winnie Wednesday!

Welcome to my reoccurring post that does nothing but pay homage to my unintentionally hilarious sidekick, Winnie the Bulldog. She’s short, she’s chubby, she drools in her sleep – and farts too – she’s my four-legged mini-me, my forever spirit animal and I love her to death. Say hello, everyone, to Ms. Winnifred Snuffleufagus FritzContinue reading “It’s Winnie Wednesday!”

My Avatar Has Cankles

I’m worried about my brain. My body? Not so much. Sure, it’s chubby and spongey and my joints sound like bubble wrap in the a.m., but the women in my family tend to chug on and on and on like paunchy little Energizer bunnies that last for freaking ever so yay, right? Their brains, however?Continue reading “My Avatar Has Cankles”