A Little Sizzle…A Little Burn…

My romantic comedy, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, comes out this October. Top off your wine glass, take a sip, and read on for an excerpt: Streetlights shine through the windows of the closed diner, illuminating my office booth. I sit in the dark, alone, licking envelopes. The taste of cheap mint reminiscent of expired generic mouthwashContinue reading “A Little Sizzle…A Little Burn…”

Little Tidbits to Tide Me Over

I’m currently sitting in my itty, bitty, 90-degree yard-barn office feeding sweat beads to the corn flies while I simultaneously nag summer interns for missing homework assignments. It’s a glamorous life. But in my mind, I’m cool as a cucumber. Why? My brain cells are already channeling October. Ah, October, that blissful autumn month whenContinue reading “Little Tidbits to Tide Me Over”