A Little Sizzle…A Little Burn…

My romantic comedy, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, comes out this October. Top off your wine glass, take a sip, and read on for an excerpt: Streetlights shine through the windows of the closed diner, illuminating my office booth. I sit in the dark, alone, licking envelopes. The taste of cheap mint reminiscent of expired generic mouthwashContinue reading “A Little Sizzle…A Little Burn…”

The Party’s Over… But The Fun Isn’t!

Thank you everyone who stopped by my Champagne Book Group Author Facebook party on Friday! A good time was had by all despite some technical difficulties, so like a good hangover – is there such a thing? – let’s wrap it up, shall we? First off, congrats to Joanne Renauld! She won the $20 AmazonContinue reading “The Party’s Over… But The Fun Isn’t!”

It’s a Party and You’re Invited!

Hey, everyone, come join me on Friday, September 6th from 6:30 – 7:30 EST (3:30 – 4:30 PST) for my first ever Champagne Books Author Facebook Party! I’ll answer questions about my upcoming book, post some get-to-know me trivia, share a http://www.robinwinzenread.com scavenger hunt (complete with a prize!) and will give away another Amazon giftContinue reading “It’s a Party and You’re Invited!”

Some Assembly Required – Cover Reveal

The powers that be at Champagne Book Group blessed me with a draft cover for my upcoming release of SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED and I LOVE IT!!! Expect some refining and tweaking, but I’m thrilled to share. And the winner is… Thank you, everyone, who took the time to follow my website and share your emailContinue reading “Some Assembly Required – Cover Reveal”

Galloping Gophers, It’s Gyno-Day

After procrastinating myself into a corner, I’m locked in the downstairs bathroom psyching myself into combat mode. It’s Gyno-Day, my 11:20 appointment with my OBGYN beckons, and I’ve waited until the last minute to do my pre-appointment prep. And I’m panicking. Frankly, detailing my SUV would be easier, even if there’s a summer’s worth ofContinue reading “Galloping Gophers, It’s Gyno-Day”

Little Tidbits to Tide Me Over

I’m currently sitting in my itty, bitty, 90-degree yard-barn office feeding sweat beads to the corn flies while I simultaneously nag summer interns for missing homework assignments. It’s a glamorous life. But in my mind, I’m cool as a cucumber. Why? My brain cells are already channeling October. Ah, October, that blissful autumn month whenContinue reading “Little Tidbits to Tide Me Over”

My Avatar Has Cankles

I’m worried about my brain. My body? Not so much. Sure, it’s chubby and spongey and my joints sound like bubble wrap in the a.m., but the women in my family tend to chug on and on and on like paunchy little Energizer bunnies that last for freaking ever so yay, right? Their brains, however?Continue reading “My Avatar Has Cankles”